Day #37 - 40 Days of Training Videos - 2 Minute Tabata Tuesday Workout

exercise tabata two minutes Apr 11, 2017

It doesn't take long to exercise.

Even if you think you don't have time to workout, you can fit in this 2 minute Tabata.

In the video I'll take you through two-2 minute rounds. The first round is done at full intensity and the second round at modified intensity for those who can't do high impact.

Do what ever you have time for.

I fit 8 minutes of this Tabata in with my strength routine this morning, but it's perfectly good on it's own too.

You might also consider mixing it in with a walk around the block.

So much variety!

So little time!

Let's go!


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Day #28 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Lower Body Pain Relief

When I first started running I used to have horrible pain in my calves, which led to plantar fascitis and ultimately a stress fracture in my thigh.

Today is #28 of the 40 Day's of Training Videos and I'm going to reveal what I learned about eliminating tightness in my muscles and fascia with this unique little ball.

Before I got the ball I'm showing in today's video, I did these same movements with a tennis ball and received some relief, but it wasn't quite firm enough.

If you struggle with pain in your calves, feet, or hips see if these techniques bring you some relief.

I do these movements before working out and find that it improves my mobility as well as decreases pain and tightness.

Do you struggle with pain, tightness, and limited mobility?


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Day #25 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Workout for Bad Knees

exercise Mar 28, 2017

If you can't run or jump, or just don't want to, but still want to get a good workout in a very short time. Try this one.

There's no equipment needed, just your body and a willing spirit.

Here's how I set my Tabata Pro Timer up for 1 round.

You can do this workout along with me right now!

If you'd like another free workout click below.

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Day #22 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Hotel Room Workout

exercise Mar 23, 2017

Even if you're short on time and can't find a gym, there's no reason to not fit in a little bit of exercise.

Each round of 5 exercises is 1 minute. So if you only have 5 minutes do 1 round. If you can fit in all 3 – even better!

These exercises are actually combination moves that flow from one position to another.

It combines the best of isometric, strength and toning for long, lean muscles as well as a bit of cardio bursts for optimal fat burning in a short amount of time.

Each move or combination of moves is 1:00:

  1. 5 Count Vinyasa - Each position held for a count of 5
  2. Warriror 1/ Warrior 2/ Side Angle Pose right side - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  3. Warrior 1/Warrior 2/Side Angle Pose left side - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  4. Chair Pose/Foreward Fold/Chair Pose - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  5. Mountain Climber/Jack Squat - Each move is 30 seconds

"Success is a few simple disciplines practiced everyday. Failure is a few errors in judgement repeated everday." - Jim Rohn

I hope...

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What makes a great workout partner?

exercise motivation Sep 10, 2016

Some people know I wake up early and am eager to workout, but may not know why. Let me introduce you to the world’s best workout partner.

It’s this lady here...

Mary Ann Randall is 75 and going strong. I want to be her when I grow up.

She started as a client of mine almost about 20 years ago. She has been through many a spinning class, Fitball class, TRX HIIT class, and grueling personal training sessions with me - but at some point years ago, she became my workout partner and I LOVE every minute of it.

She has shown me what it means to be a successful workout partner with these attributes:

  • Reliable - She shows up 4 times a week unless she can't get out of her driveway because of snow.
  • Supportive - She is ALWAYS for me. No matter what the topic she's in my corner...ALWAYS!!!
  • Encouraging - She makes me ALWAYS want to show up. NOTHING beats a workout with her (even sleep).
  • Interesting - She is the only one I can workout with 4 days a week and still can't wait to have...
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Should I weight myself?

This is a question I hear a lot - along with how often should I weigh myself?

It depends on whether you youse it as a management tool or a judgement tool.

What’s the difference?

Many people who weigh themselves assign a value of self worth or loathing to this number, and I want to start off by saying what I’m sure your head already knows but your emotions may forget.

You are not a number on a scale. You are a loved and cherished human being who is valuable beyond measure. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and I hope and pray you embrace that truth with every cell in your being.

…So what about the scale then? Should I weigh? Should I never weigh? If I do weigh how often? Let me answer this with with a few other questions for insight. …

...Should we ever look at the money in our bank accounts?
...or check the price on items we purchase?

To be good managers of our money. We need information to make good decisions.

This is why I...

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