Day #22 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Hotel Room Workout

exercise Mar 23, 2017

Even if you're short on time and can't find a gym, there's no reason to not fit in a little bit of exercise.

Each round of 5 exercises is 1 minute. So if you only have 5 minutes do 1 round. If you can fit in all 3 – even better!

These exercises are actually combination moves that flow from one position to another.

It combines the best of isometric, strength and toning for long, lean muscles as well as a bit of cardio bursts for optimal fat burning in a short amount of time.

Each move or combination of moves is 1:00:

  1. 5 Count Vinyasa - Each position held for a count of 5
  2. Warriror 1/ Warrior 2/ Side Angle Pose right side - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  3. Warrior 1/Warrior 2/Side Angle Pose left side - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  4. Chair Pose/Foreward Fold/Chair Pose - Each pose is held for 1/3 time
  5. Mountain Climber/Jack Squat - Each move is 30 seconds

"Success is a few simple disciplines practiced everyday. Failure is a few errors in judgement repeated everday." - Jim Rohn

I hope you'll give this workout a try whether at home or in a hotel.

I'll take you through one round in the can watch it here.


If you'd like another workout for free, download it here.


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