Day #28 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Lower Body Pain Relief

When I first started running I used to have horrible pain in my calves, which led to plantar fascitis and ultimately a stress fracture in my thigh.

Today is #28 of the 40 Day's of Training Videos and I'm going to reveal what I learned about eliminating tightness in my muscles and fascia with this unique little ball.

Before I got the ball I'm showing in today's video, I did these same movements with a tennis ball and received some relief, but it wasn't quite firm enough.

If you struggle with pain in your calves, feet, or hips see if these techniques bring you some relief.

I do these movements before working out and find that it improves my mobility as well as decreases pain and tightness.

Do you struggle with pain, tightness, and limited mobility?


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