Day #38 - 40 Days of Training Videos - What are you hoping for? Don't quit!

What are you hoping for?

Are you expecting results and not getting them as fast as you want?

Don't quit!

Did you start off strong in the beginning of the journey but now feel frustrated because you expected something different?

Don't quit!

Every project worth pursuing requires more of us than we think it will.

We think we know what we're getting in to, but unfortunately too many of us quit..

just before our breakthrough
before we get to take in the view at the top of the mountain
before we get to be the people we need to be to make the climb
Don't quit!

Sometimes when we start our journey, we're in the foothills and we start thinking, "This isn't so bad." Then we get on the mountain and it takes longer and is substancially different than we expected.

Don't quit!

Sometimes when we're on the mountain, we're like a car loaded down with rocks climbing a steep hill. We don'’t go very fast, but... we climb we get stronger we climb we get wiser and start leaving behind the...

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