Day #24 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Weight Loss for Winos

nutrition training wine Mar 27, 2017

I meet a lot of people who think in order to lose weight they have to give up everything they love, including wine.

I used to think this, but then I learned how to have my wine and lose weight too.

I'm not encouraing wine consumption, or saying it's good, bad, healthy, or harmful. What I am saying is paying attention to our consumption choices is important to creating a plan that's right for us – we can stick with.

As we become aware of our habits and desires, we can refine them in a a way that makes sense for us.

This is what training is all about. - Practice, observe, refine, repeat.

This video is about how I have refined my diet to be able to include wine and still create and sustain the body I want.

Cheers!...Thanks to Cathryn Farley Photography for the shot below.



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