"Julie's expert guidance provided the path I needed to educate and inspire me in my wellness journey. She coaches with unwavering support and zero judgement."

Cathryn Farley
Editor - Scout Guide of Kansas City

"Julie has helped me lose 25 pounds get in the best shape of my life in my 70s. I have freedom to travel, run, and wear whatever I want. "

Mary Ann
Retired Nurse

Is Training Right For You?

Whether you're looking for a workout that is right for your schedule. A way to modify your eating program for the results you want, or join in the next Fit LIFE Journey Small Group Coaching Program, I'm here to help YOU find your next step.

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Let's find a convenient time on your calendar to walk through the right option for you. Whether you want a lot of guidance or just a bit. There's something right for you!

Body Espresso™

5 Minutes to Daily Fitness.

More is not better. Better is better!

Finding the time to workout can be a challenge in our fast paced lives.

Efficient, effective exercise doesn't need to be long, just consistent. These Body Espresso ™ will keep you fit in minutes not hours.

Fit LIFE Journey™

This Small Group Training Program is for those individuals who are READY for change. It's a 12 Week Journey of reclaiming body & health from the inside out. It is available by application only. If you're not sure if you're ready for this type of training, you can schedule a FREE call to discuss.


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