Mighty Mini Workout Challenge

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2017

Do you struggle with consistency?

This used to be my biggest challenge whether it was working out or balancing my checkbook until I learned the lesson of the seed.

No matter how little or seed-like an action is, if we plant the seed and nurture it daily it will grow and produce a harvest, however, If we never plant that little action, or quit watering that little guy, he'll wither and die.

Our struggle is thinking an action is too small to make a difference, but consistency is the key take away here.

I challenged my husband with this concept years ago when I challenged him to do 1 pushup, but do it every day. He took my challenge and grew his little pushup into a 10 minute daily routine. This small, but consistent routine helped him lose over 60 pounds and keep it off.

Now I have a challenge for you. I created mini workout which can be done in the time it takes for your coffee or tea to brew in the morning. Please don't assume it's size is a reflection of its might.

If you're already doing some form of cardiovascular activity this is an excellent way to supplement on your in-between days.

Once you've mastered this "mini" version let me know and I'll hook you up with the full version, which is still only about 20 minutes.

If you're willing to take the challenge, reply to this email and say, "I'm in!"


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