Day #18 - 40 Days of Training Videos - Will Weighing Yourself Help?

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2017

A question I get a lot is..."How often should I weigh myself."

My answer is profound. - "It depends."

I weigh myself daily, as a feedback tool. I'm content with where my weight is, so I just keep tabs on it to make sure I don't slip into bad habits, which I will, if I don't monitor myself both with food tracking and with the scale.

The scale is not the only tool, nor is it the most important. It is one of several, which can be used to teach us how to manage one of our most valuable resources – our body.

Paying attention is our greatest tool. I'm constantly evaluating my energy level (mental and physical), cravings, stress level, and the quality of my sleep, and the quality and quantity of what I eat.

All of this this is useful feedback to determine if we're managing our body and mind well.

When working with clients who want to lose weight and size, we use the tools of the scale and the tape measure, to evaluate how well their program is working for them.

There are some people however who might not benefit from the feeback of the scale. I have worked with precious friends who had well meaning parents who used the scale and diets to help their children, lose weight, which in turn left scars that run deep. For this person, the scale may hold too much judgement to be used as an effective tool.

It is important to note that our weight it just one indicator of our overall health both physically and psychologically and sometimes we need to heal what isn't visible before we can heal what is seen on the outside.

We become what we do everyday, sometimes what we do leads in the direction of health and freedom, and sometimes it leads in the direction of stress, overwhelm, and disease.

Habits are always playing, like a record on a record player. It is up to us to listen and watch what they're playing to determine where we end up.


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