Day #10- 40 Days of Training Videos -Inspiration of Showing Up

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2017

What do you do everyday?

We become what we repeat everyday, so it's worth it to figure out whether we're making ourselves into the people we want to be.

Today I wanted to acknowledge a few people who have inspired me over the years by their consistency and showing up everyday. Their inspiration has helped me achieve results I was looking for in my own health and fitness journey as well as fed into what I teach others through the work I do.

Lauren inspired  me by her actions to show up everyday to move. She embodies my favorite quote by Jim Rohn..."Success is a few simple disciplines practiced everyday."

Andy, has shown up 910 days to track his food in My Fitness Pal. His consistency fuels my own and helps me encourage others to be aware of the quality and quantity of what we eat daily.

Mary Ann, is my workout partner and not ony shows up, but gets out of bed early to do it! Thank you for your years of consistency and making the workouts enjoyable with your presence.

How about you? Are you nurturing the fruit consistency in your life? Do you show up for others? Who shows up for you?


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