Designing Life One Habit At A Time

Julie Enstall - Passionate Coach

How did you get into fitness?

About 20 years ago, someone else got the corporate job I thought was mine.

It was a pivot point in my life. I started studying to become a personal trainer, and found I LOVED it!

I loved the whole transformation process. Not the changing of who we are, but the revealing of our best selves - who we were always meant to be - healthy, vibrant, and free.


What is something only your close friends know about you?

I used to be a real rebel (okay truth be told I still am).

I sang in a rock band in the 80s, smoked, drank too much and was basically the antithesis of what "good health" looks like.

If you knew me in my teens and twenties you wouldn't have held out much hope for me.

What’s your favorite food indulgence?

Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Pumpkin PIe. I guess by that answer you can guess my favorite holiday too...

Every Thanksgving dinner is a success in my world with those to food indulgences.

What’s your favorite exercise?

Push-ups (all variations) followed closely by the Lunge with a Twist. These two exercises have tranformed my body and are staples in my workout.

What’s your biggest passion?

I study behavior, habits, and change, because I am completely obsessed by what makes people tick.

Training people for over 20 years has brought an acute awareness of the fact: Knowing what to do and actually doing it are are two completely different things.

I want the people I help to succeed for life, not just for the short term. The linchpin in the whole system is training the mind first.

It has everthing to do with creating habits we can maintain, for reasons important and unique to us

Telling someone to eat veggies at every meal is ridiculous to someone who's never learned how to cook one that tastes good.

My biggest passion is coaching someone to their best body and seeing them realize they get to keep it for the rest of their life. 

This is the transformational work we do in the first 12 Weeks of the Coaching Program.

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